Below is the usual form of Contact lens prescription.

Please check your prescripton and check what refraction anomaly with your eyes.

We do not carry for Hyperopia and for Astigmatism. However, if you understand about it and want to purchase our products,
please check below and find what Suggestion is the best choice for you to order our products!

It seems you have Mild Astigmatism. It may not that different if you wear only for your Myopia.
In this case, please choose your ‘POWER’ from the prescription list.

It seems you have some level of astigmatism. If are still interested in purchasing lenses from us, please order only for your Myopia.
However, we would like to note that you may experience moments of dizziness while only wearing lenses for Myopia.
We also believe it is our responsibility to recommend that you consult your local optician or eye care professional to be safe.
If you understand all and still want to purchase our products, please choose your ‘POWER’ from the prescription list.

Plesae choose your ‘POWER’ from the prescripton list.

We currently do not carry lenses for Farsightedness.
If you are still interested in our variety of lenses, we suggest you order for the value of -0.00 (non-prescription).
The rich colors of our lenses will still impress even with eye-glasses on!

Please contact us at if still can’t find correct prescription for you.

Do you have different prescription for each eye? Click here!